Airports as Cathedrals

Can anyone find God in an airport? Yes!

O'Hare (2009)

Airports are modern equivalents to cathedrals, places of grandeur filled with divine, symbolic meaning. Airport architecture draws the eye up toward the heavens, lifts the heart toward God, and encourages the mind to transcend day-to-day concerns to contemplate bigger questions. It’s impossible for me to avoid spiritual questioning because the expected, literal questions are met by their metaphorical siblings, all emerging naturally in the expansive, self-contained world of these sacred spaces.

Where am I going?
Do I have what I need?
Do I have too much?
How am I being shaped by this journey?
Who will I meet along the way?
What will I experience during the trip?
What’s at the other end?
How will I change? Do I want to?
What sort of person will I be when I return home, as a result of this trip?

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