Thank God for Lattes

Signs and window displays provide a never-ending source of entertainment, not just for what is conveyed with unintentional humor, but the for the twist in context because of the surroundings. Maybe this is just a personal neurological quirk of some sort.

When touring Gettysburg battlefield I laughed out loud while walking a road near the cyclorama. The sun was setting, drawing attention to a huge sign above a Kentucky Fried Chicken. From where I stood, and the angle of the sign, it appeared as if a disembodied and glowing Colonel Sanders presided over the open field.

National Galleries, Edinburgh (2009)

It was the same sort of humorous juxtaposition that amused me at the National Galleries in Edinburgh on a February Friday. Windows facing Scott Monument and the Waverly Bridge were filled with repeating images based on Botticelli’s “Virgin Adoring the Sleeping Christ Child” (1490), one of the museum’s prized paintings. On the other side of the window were left behind paper cups, creating the suggestion that the figures were praying their thanks for the divine lattes!

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