At the Movies: Armchair Travel

County Wicklow, Ireland (2007) -- A location used in "Braveheart."

Scenery often wins out over story at the movies and on the screen. I love The Sound of Music as much for the Austrian landscape as its tale about a nun, a man, and motherless children. The environment plays a role in two of my favorite television series Foyle’s War and Magnum, P.I. There are, of course, so many more films where locations star. Here is a baker’s dozen of favorites:

1. Out of Africa (Kenya)

2. Under the Tuscan Sun (Italy)

3. Amelie (Paris)

4. Lord of the Rings (New Zealand)

5. Roman Holiday (Rome)

6. A Passage to India (India)

7. Room With a View (England and Italy)

8. The Year of Living Dangerously (Phillipines)

9. Sideways (Central California)

10.  Bravehart (Ireland)

11. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Greece)

12. La Dolce Vita (Rome)

13. Lost in Translation (Tokyo)

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