The Luxury of Less

Dillon Reservoir, Colorado (2011)

“A tree. … The sunrise. It always makes me wonder: What is enough? Are there enough trees here? As always, it seems that the more I can distinguish between my true needs and my wants, the more I am shocked to realize how little is enough.”
― Kathleen NorrisThe Cloister Walk

Kathleen Norris spoke last week to a group of us at St. John’s Cathedral in Denver. Although the talk was more a dialogue about faith, woven in between her words and her poems was the notion of a lovingly, thoughtfully, edited life.

Her words played through my mind yesterday during a drive through some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery. As I wrote to a friend from a cozy corner of a coffee shop in Vail: “It doesn’t matter than I’m still homeless and broke, without firm prospects in sight. It is enough to be in the midst of all of this beauty, the telltale sign of the Creator’s artistry. I have what I need for this moment.”

TED posted a talk today that fits with the concept of less is definitely more: Less Stuff, More Happiness.


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