Summit County, Colorado (2011)

This marks the centennial post of the Centennial State-based Via Peregrini. Like birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and every sort of milestone, this 100th post calls for a moment of reflection.

Starting a blog for the second time this past spring was an act of self-preservation. When the going gets tough, the tough may get going, or go shopping, or pick any number of other activities. When life is challenging, this blogger writes to keep her sanity. Always been that way. More than that, mostly I need the inner calm that comes from working with images. It’s a type of meditation that never fails to instill peace. During patches when prayer is impossible, all it’s taken to coax a tired soul to attend to the Divine is a bit of time in front of this computer monitor with photos taken in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Paris, Scotland, California, Chicago, and especially my beloved Colorado.

This particular space in the blogosphere brings surprising gifts. Old friends have shown up; new people, too, all from spots around the globe. I am humbled to get emails from strangers after they have read a post detailing the more challenging aspects of my current situation. People need hope and inspiration for their own difficulties. It’s my prayer that they find some here from time to time.

The blog has provided what was most needed — balance, creative expression, and connection to others, God, and myself.

That’s where we’ve been. What’s ahead? You’ll have to check back to discover that on your own! So sign up! Share this site with family and friends.

Thanks to every single reader, whoever and wherever you may be! I really appreciate your stops at Via Peregrini on your tour of the wired world.


  1. Congratulations! Those 100 blogs went by pretty quickly, looking forward to the next 100 and more. I’ve learned a lot from your adventures and the experiences you have shared. Thanks so much, Karen

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