Tea and Sympathy

안녕하세요 or anyong haseyo! This is the Korean version of “Hello! How are you?” How are you?

If you were to ask me that question, I’d answer honestly: “I’m doing okay.” As it is for all of us, some days are better than others. Yet, all in all, given the long time in this particular desert, I am okay. What I’m not is great. This experience has registered as a form of trauma. And I’m only too aware of the need for healing. Morning and night, my prayers focus on this need. Slowly, the healing is happening.

A couple of days before Christmas the resident feline, Timothy, and I welcomed an abandoned 9-year-old cat that now goes by the name “Nelson.” He is flourishing with lots of love and attention. Timothy is more of himself, happy to have a new friend to tussle with throughout the day … and night. Surprisingly, I feel as if the household is as it should be and Nelson’s arrival has brought an unexpected healing I didn’t know I needed.

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