It ain’t over 

This blog seemingly wrapped up five years ago when I relocated from Denver to start a new job in New Mexico. One chapter was over and a new one was beginning. Continuing the blog seemed pointless.

That was wrong. 

Writing is like maintaining health habits. There’s a price to be paid for letting go of adequate sleep, sound nutrition and consistent exercise. Since 2012 I’ve done very little writing except what was required for work. I’ve harmed myself by ignoring the daily discipline of paying attention to life and what’s happening around me, and making sense of it all through playing with words.

In an attempt to step back on to the best path, I thought about a new blog for a fresh start. As you can see, I decided against that option. It seemed better to acknowledge the gap, pick up where I’d left off and continue on. 

Like anything left sitting around for awhile, it’s dusty around here. Please ignore the efforts to tidy up and have everything fresh and sparkly.

Tarmac at Santa Fe, N.M.

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