Money, Money, Money

©Kim Powell

Trusting God as if your life depended on it

Do you need more money? Have you been worried about losing your job because of what it would mean financially? Is your relationship with money balanced? Are your finances a source of guilt or shame? What role does money have in the spiritual journey? Where is God in your financial life?

Money is the topic this week; it’s not the obvious choice for Holy Week. Yet, the dramatic timeline from Palm Sunday to Easter mirrors our everyday lives at the practical level of food, clothing and shelter.

How fascinating that our money should have the phrase “In God We Trust.” Yes, it’s there because that’s our national motto, but the symbolic meaning of those words on currency is profound and it gets at the heart of this series: do we trust the dollar or do we trust God? Can we have confidence in him who promises to provide all our needs?

Come back for a week of amazing stories!

ABBA: “Money, Money, Money

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