Time Well Spent

img_0050This morning I received two emails, one from a friend and another from a yarn shop in Washington State. By coincidence, both had the same subject line: “Time Well Spent.”

This is a curious phrase to read first thing in the morning after spending the previous evening redoing a resume and crafting a cover letter to apply for a job with the company I left three months ago.

One of the aspects of resume writing that I don’t like is being confronted with a life that doesn’t fit neatly into a box named “clear, professional trajectory.” The inner critic (I call her Helga and mock her thick ankles in those matronly shoes she wears) tells me time and again that I should live a tidy life, do what’s expected and follow the norms for this American life. Of course it’s too late for most of that, but Helga pounces on every opportunity to let me know I’ve failed. A resume is one of her favorite weapons.

My best, affirming self (who sounds a lot like Julie Andrews, firm but kind) believes that the unexpected twists and turns have taken me to amazing places and hold exceptional gifts. My life would be impoverished without the people and places and experiences. It has been time well spent.

I am reminded that even if particular skills are left behind, along with years in my profession, that the training and work has been time well spent.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about the past three months. I can’t point to a lot productivity, unless daily naps, baking bread and finishing many knitting projects all count for something. What I hear back within my own heart is that it’s been time well spent.

Thanks for reading! I hope you feel these few minutes have been time well spent!

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