The Waiting Game

Now and then we come to a point when we need a circumstance to change immediately. We can’t go forward, at least as we have been, until the BIG PROBLEM is resolved. Everything hinges on THIS.

Perhaps we’ve done inner work on accepting ourselves and situations exactly as they, not as we wish them to be. We’ve detached from our ideas for solutions and desired outcomes. We’ve prayed. We say “thy will be done” and mean it.

Nothing happens.

Hours go by, days, weeks, maybe longer than a lesser person could handle.

Life comes to a halt. We’re in some sort of limbo trying to hold on to faith and hope during what feels like a banishment to a desert, or solitary confinement.

How can you wait when you can’t wait any longer?

Denver Botanic Gardens 

1. When life is at its most difficult, it can also become very still. Friends and family are suddenly busy with their own lives. When you most need surrounded by supportive people, it seems as if they aren’t around.

The remedy is to get comfortable with being alone and sitting with all of the uncomfortable feelings. This is a time to befriend yourself, become internally still, and seek to connect with God to hear his take on the situation.

2. Expect the unexpected. You are a smart person who knows how the world works. You think you know how the much-needed resolution should unfold. If you’ve chosen to live a life of faith, keep your eyes open to surprising turns of events. Divine involvement in our lives is expressed in amazingly creative ways.

3. Maybe you are expecting a text, email or even a phone call that will hold the answer to your BIG PROBLEM. It’s easy to feel discouraged when these don’t yet yield the answer you’re hoping for, or worse still, have become quiet, too.

Be confident that in a moment your situation can and likely will change. Tuck your phone away in a drawer to avoid constantly checking it only to grow increasingly frustrated when there’s nothing there.

4. Be honest, but be selective about what and with whom you share information. At this point not everyone needs to know everything. You decide your boundary on where that line is.

5. While you wait, take as good of care of yourself as possible. Waiting for God’s  answer or provision can be stressful and exhausting.

How can you imorove self care? A few ideas:

  • Take naps.
  • Keep up with friends and what’s going on in their lives. Your situation may be dire, but other people have problems, too. Share in their experiences and encourage them.
  • Delight in simple pleasures, like the breeze on your face as you walk along a favorite path, or your favorite meal, or mowing the lawn or baking bread.
  • Take on a project that engages your heart and mind and is a bridge to the future that’s on the other side of the BIG PROBLEM.
  • Look for opportunities to give of yourself in ways that are meaningful and life-giving to you. You’re already dealing with something major, so don’t overdo it or use it as a distraction.
  • Go to the movies. Sometimes you have to escape it all. There are times when I think naps and movie watching are the most faith-filled activities we can do. Temporarily we are giving up control, entrusting our situations to God and leaving them in his hands.

Have faith, friends! Hold on!

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