Trusting God with Our Bills

The focus here at Via Peregrini is on the life of faith, particularly for the everyday, practical aspects of life. It’s one thing to believe in God, and for life with him forever; it’s another to trust him with the important parts, like jobs, health and marriages, and even more challenging to rely upon him for the seemingly mundane.

I would not have chosen a life that requires near complete dependence on God with such frequency. It can be very hard, and it’s often stressful. Yet, this is the journey I’ve walked for significant periods of time, many times over. I’ve written about some of those experiences for this blog. In fact, one of the reasons for Via Peregrini is to encourage your faith, to nudge you to really put your confidence in God, and to stand in amazement at his creative actions on your behalf. In sharing examples from my life, I genuinely hope you grow at ease trusting God for your specific needs.

The need to pay a bill when we don’t have money is something that happens to most all of us. What do can you do, other than worry? Pray and tru the situation over to God’s care.

I am currently without a job. I resigned several months ago for health reasons after a couple of surgeries and need for longer recovery. So far a new job hasn’t emerged and my savings are depeleted — again. Last week I had a financial need with a deadline. As that moment approached, it seemed obvious that God wasn’t going to intervene. I felt reasonably calm, willing to let the deadline pass and experience the difficult consequences of what would happen. If that happened, and it looked like it would, I assumed that that God would use it all to further his purposes and that somehow it would work out for my good.

With moments to go before the deadline, a friend with whom I hadn’t talked in a long time called. We talked for an hour or more. At the end of the call, from out of the blue, she asked if she could help with the immediate problem. As hard as it is to not be fully self-sufficient and to accept God’s help via others, I gratefully accepted her offer. The matter was taken care of just a few minutes after the deadline, but without negative effects.

With so many experiences like this one, you’d think I never struggle with doubt God’s provision. That’s not so. I wrestle with thoughts that suggest God won’t come through this time, especially when there’s a delay. I can slip into exhausting fear and anxiety in the face of Goliath-sized problems when all I have are pebbles.

Time and again, I simply do all that I can to help myself, leaving the rest in God’s capable hands.

Try it for yourself. Turn your hardest problems, including your financial ones, over to God. Watch for his provision and see his efforts on your behalf!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19)

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