Wanna Make Something of It?

Swetzville Zoo, Timnath, CO
Writers and other artists are among the best recyclers. We can make the most from the junk found in our lives. Everything — people, events, emotions, experiences — is  material from which to create.

We help ourselves find peace and healing when we can take what’s given us, something akin to the 12-step slogan of living life on life’s terms, and make the most of it, especially when it seems we’ve been handed trash.

The temptation of dealing with life’s debris is to haul it away and bury it. Certainly there’s some clutter in our lives that doesn’t belong to us and we need to get rid of it quickly. We may find help in this process from talking to friends and, perhaps, to a therapist. We can apply our faith to get a fresh perspective on the situation.

Yet, there’s a good deal of rusted junk in our own backyards that has been allowed into our lives for our benefit. We didn’t ask for that problem. We didn’t deserve that pain. We didn’t want that loss. We tossed all of it out because we are unable to accept that it help the potential for our growth and our lives.

For healing and peace, we need to make something out of this junk. Transform it! Let hard circumstances craft new meaning. Take the dangerous edges of what’s broken in your life and piece together something new.

Dance. Draw. Journal. Paint. Sing. Create collages. Write poetry and prose. Do whatever you can to turn life’s raw moments into material that let’s you make something of it.




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