A Serving of Grace

11701026926_5b17bf9e01_oGive me the tired, poor and huddled masses because I am more likely to pray for someone than about them. Rarely do I think to pray about relationships unless they cause acute pain.

My perspective on this changed recently when I heard from someone with whom I worked several years ago. All at once this person, then another, and yet another went radio silent. I made a few attempts to remain connected, but without any response from the other side, I decided to write off the situation as a difficult reality, and one for which I might never know the reasons.

When you loose all your siblings as infants, the abrupt departure of special people feels like death. Their behavior felt like a type of death. I felt rejected, guilt and shame. Yet, I never really prayed about the situation or for the people involved.

When I saw the familiar name in my email inbox the other day, I was stunned. It’s not anything I expected, and neither was the sense of healing that followed in the exchange. This was a serving of pure grace.

As grateful as I am for the reemergence of a dear soul, I wonder why I didn’t think to pray for all of them and the situation. Thankfully, God can be relied upon to know the matters of our hearts, whether we’re fully aware of them or not.

May you be surprised by grace!

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