Via Peregrini

What does “Via Peregrini” mean? The term peregrini stems from about the first century to describe a group of people who were not citizens of the Roman empire, but were given some benefits and protections. It also dates to early Celtic monasticism to describe bold, enthusiastic Irish adventurers who went everywhere, “burning with love for Christ, fearing no peril, shunning no hardship.” Intervarsity has a terrific description on these intrepid travelers.

Via Peregrini is about the pilgrim path. It’s my take on being a pilgrim in the 21st Century, continuing on a journey toward knowing God increasingly as he is, and sharing images that emerge along the way. One of the ways I most experience the presence of God is by traveling. The entire process is a means of connecting with God, usually with the better parts of my self, and connecting with other people.

This blog is a blend of photography and essays about life from a pilgrim’s perspective. Unless otherwise noted, the photos are the author’s.

ksp_tnailKim Powell

Kim spends her professional life as a writer. At all other hours of the day and night, she is likely to be knitting.

Kim lives in the Kansas City area, again.


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